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This service is a first for the Isle of Man Airport!

Need to store your luggage for a short period of time or overnight? Are you on a flying visit to the Island en-route to your final destination and have to leave the airport inbetween? Are you travelling in a large group or have lots of luggage / sporting equipment to check in?

Why not bring it down to the airport the day before you travel and leave it with us - it will then be ready and waiting for you to collect and take to the check-in desk. Alternatively, we are happy to collect your luggage / sporting equipment for you from your home or work the day before for a small charge.

Whatever your requirements, we are happy to help!

How does it work?

If you wish to leave your luggage at the airport, speak to a member of our staff at the Rendezvous Airport Services Desk, located 200 yeards to the right of the Main Terminal entrance - there is no need to pre-book.
To comply with the latest Security recommendations, all luggage will have to be submitted for security screening before it can be left with us.

How much does it cost?

From £6 per item of luggage (first piece); £4 for additional items of luggage.
Golf bags and other sporting equipment - £8 per piece.

Prices are per 24hr period, or part thereof.

Rendezvous Airport Services are delighted to offer the ultimate in premium Meet and Greet services with Chauffeur driven luxury cars available to impress your guests, clients or colleagues.

Contact us with their name, flight number and destination and they will be met by one of our Concierge staff who will escort them straight through the terminal building to one of our fleet of luxury Chauffeur driven cars and whisk them to their destination in no time at all. If required, we can send their bags on later so as not to delay the passenger.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements, and prices.

Valet Cleaning Service:

Rendezvous Valet, comprising:

Full exterior wash including chamois dry, tyre shine, wheels, arches and door shuts cleaned.
Full interior hoover of all seats, boot, carpet and floor mats.
Trim, windows and mirrors cleaned.
Deodorise Interior.

All vehicle types

Rendezvous Valet £60.00 or £65.00 for 4x4
We can add a polish to either of the above from an additional £20.00

Speedy Valet

Wash, wheel Clean and vacuum £30.00 or £35.00 for 4x4
Wash for either vehicle types £12.00

With our new personal true Valet Parking service, we have a dedicated
drop-off / pick-up zone, which is clearly marked.

When you arrive at the Airport, one of our Concierge staff will assist you with your luggage and escort you to the check-in area. Meanwhile, another member of our Concierge staff will park your car in one of our dedicated parking spaces located in the Airport Car Park, which is patrolled 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Just drive to the Airport and we will be delighted to be at your service as soon as you arrive at our drop-off zone, which is located outside Viscount House, at the far end of the Terminal building.


To pre-book this service, please telephone us on 827532 or contact us here.

And when you return, we will have your car ready and waiting for you at the pick-up zone (if your flight is delayed, we will wait for you - as long as the airport is open, we will be here).
Just come to our desk and one of our dedicated Concierge staff will escort you to your car.

How much does it cost?

Day Return £15.00
Up to 24 hrs £16.00
£6.00 per 24 hrs there after up to 10 days
11 days - 3 months £70.00

Please contact us for additional pricing.

Exclusive to Speedy Park clients

Access to the Rendezvous Executive Lounge for just £8 per visit.

Welcome Home!

Picture the scene, you've had a lovely holiday, or a successful business trip, and now all you want to do is get home, put the kettle on and have a nice cup of something hot. And then you realise, you haven't any bread, or milk and the shop is closed (or has sold out!)

Well, never fear... we have the solution!

Why not pre-order a Welcome Home Pack? You can contact us here or pick up an order form from our desk or from the Rendezvous Executive Lounge. Select the pack you require and tell us the date you are returning to the Island, and which flight you are on - we will have your Welcome Home Pack ready and waiting for you to collect from the Rendezvous Airport Services Desk.

If you are using our Valet Parking Service and request a Welcome Home Pack, we will automatically put your pack in the car for you.

Welcome Home pack contents

Basic Pack

Milk (1 pint) (Semi-skimmed)
Bread - thick white sliced
1/2lb Manx butter
240g block Manx cheese
1ltr Orange juice

Total cost £9.95

Lazy Brunch Pack

Milk (1 pint) (Semi-skimmed)
Bread - thick white sliced
1/2lb Manx butter
1ltr Orange juice
1/2lb (approx) pack unsmoked Manx back bacon
1lb (approx) Manx thick pork sausages
1/2doz Free range Manx eggs

Total cost £19.95